Our Virtual Services

womanVirtual Assistants
Our Virtual Assistant charges, start from $15/hour plus GST. You can get them to work for you on a part time basis starting at 4 hours per day or a full time basis of upto 8 hours/day.

Or simply call us to let us know exactly how you want to utilise your Virtual Assistants so we can prepare a quote for you. You will have a dedicated virtual assistant to work for you during the hours you require them. Here are some types of work that our virtual assistants can do for you:

Online Receptionist
Our virtual receptionist can help your business even while you're out with clients or even while on vacation. She can serve as your in-house sales staff too, to take orders for your business or all other messages may it be personal or business. Let's face it, customers would always love to speak to a live person rather than leave a voicemail. A customer left unattended will resort them going to your competitors.

Hiring and Recruitment
Our virtual hiring and recruitment staff can help your business with all your staffing needs. We contact employment agencies on your behalf as well as post jobs online. We gather the resumes and select the qualified ones for you to interview. All you need to do is to select who among them suits your requirements. No need to invest on a costly full time office based hiring and recruitment staff coz you can actually go Virtual at a quarter of the costs normally!

Lead generation
All businesses whether they are selling products or services would always need to have a list of new leads. Our virtual lead generation staff can do that for you. Just tell us what type of industry you want to promote as well as the suburb and we can get the job done. You will never run out of new leads for your business.

Office and Admin support/ data entry
We have virtual staff who can assist you will all types of admin and office support that you need.

Customer Service Officers
We have experienced CSO's who can help your business in maintaining and improving customer satisfaction.

Let's face it. You may be good at what you do but not so well in selling your business. Let us help you grow. We can definitely provide you with more clients when you use our virtual sales staff. We at Go Staff can help you gain more clients by explaining to them the features and benefits of what you have to offer. Just give us the list to call and we will do the rest for you. We can do appointment setting, qualifying leads, surveys and even cold calling.

Creative Services
Here is a wide range of our Creative Services. You can get our Creative Staff on a per project basis, as a part timer only or we can dedicate a virtual Creative Staff solely for your business.

Business card
Corporate identity
Image editing
Background removal or preparing for online shops
Image processing, retouching

wordcubeWebsite Development FOR ONLY $800
Over the last 9 years, we've developed websites for small to medium businesses that have become truly successful, profitable, stand-alone businesses using our website templates. Everything is done for you from set-up, design and hosting. We can also provide you a website that runs in your own domain.

These websites can be suitable for e-commerce or non-ecommerce businesses. They are search engine friendly because you receive free, automatic updates. Your site will always track the latest trends in on-page optimization for search engines. It also uses a responsive design that makes your site friendly to mobile phone/small screen users.

There are no LIMITS! Add unlimited pages, products, images, blog entries, podcasts etc to your website at no extra cost. It's well established and proven successful over the last 9 years - used by hundreds of websites in the UK, France, Germany, Australia, USA, Hong Kong, South Africa, Peru, Thailand amongst many other countries.

Our free trial will allow you to evaluate our template for yourself. If you're not satisfied, then just cancel the trial and that's it. There's no money to return to you since it's free to try!

Call us now for a free trial !!!

socialMarketing Services
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn branding
Email Marketing