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Can you afford to hire a Personal Assistant at $40,000 PA? If you said NO to this question, we have the plan and the solution for you to go Virtual! We can provide you with a virtual assistant trained in generating appointments and building your database with a low hourly fee. No super, no workcover, no other benefits that comes along with hiring a new staff. We can supply a dedicated and reliable virtual assistant, who will help you with your daily workload, to make your business goals come true.

We can help you in many ways. Firstly, assign a dedicated virtual assistant for you, who can do your administrative tasks and any other work that you would like her to handle, that does not require her physical presence. She can do cold calling, lead generation and appointment setting for your prospective buyers and sellers. If you are a business who does not have an online presence yet, we can help you with our stylish and highly functional website that will list your properties etc.

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Hiring a virtual assistant can help you save money

1. Starting from $15/hour plus GST have your own dedicated, reliable virtual assistant.
2. Eliminate costs on payroll, worker's compensation, superannuation, leave, expensive trainings, etc.
3. Eliminate costs on office space and equipment brought about by hiring office-based staff.
4. Pay only for the work hours you require.
5. No contracts just an agreement on price and can be cancelled with 24 hours notice.

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All phone costs are free, which include unlimited landline, 100 minutes and 50 sms per week to mobiles and your own dedicated AUSTRALIAN AREA CODED NUMBER, all at no extra charge with a minimum 20 hours per week, $300 plus GST Virtual Assistant.

As an additional BONUS, you can use our huge database (updated May 2013) of Residential and Business listings all over Queensland if you want our Virtual assistant to do appointment setting or lead generation for your services. This is FREE.

For more information and for a free quote, please call us at 1300047823 or call Michelle Casten direct at (07) 3040 1514.